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XHD Rod Holder

XHD Rod Holder

SKU: 63024

The Riptide XHD Rod Holder is the ultimate heavy duty sand spike fishing
rod holder! This rod holder is ready for the biggest shark or
anything swimming in the water you want to catch from the
Crafted from premium 6061 T6 aluminum, corrosionresistant materials, our heavy-duty adjustable sand spike fishing rod
holder is built to withstand the harshest saltwater
environments. With its durable construction, it promises
longevity and reliability, ensuring that your fishing
expeditions are never cut short.
The sand spike design allows for quick and easy anchoring
in any beach or riverbank. Its deep penetration into the
ground ensures that your rod stays secure, even against the
most aggressive bites.
Compatible with a wide range of rod sizes, this holder is
designed for convenience. The adjustable holder angle
means you can set it up exactly how you need, catering to
your specific fishing style and environment.
Lightweight yet extremely sturdy. No more lugging around
cumbersome PVC pipes.
Invest in Quality, Reel in Results.

Specs: It is made from 2” OD 6061 T6 aluminum tube (1.75”
ID) welded to a piece of 6061 T6 aluminum 3/16” thick
angle stock. Height is 57” and weighs less than 4lbs. The pipe edges
and spike are hand beveled and deburred to reduce any
sharp edges and are hand-made in the USA!

Adjustment pin is Stainless Steel

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