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Team DNA Leader

Team DNA Leader

SKU: 63011

Named after DNA Shark Charters of Destin, FL because
they use this leader and have caught hundreds of sharks
using this exact rig. The leader is 12ft long and consists of
700lb sand tone vinyl coated 49 strand wire cable, double copper
crimped to a 16/0 Mustad Demon 3X strong inline circle
hook with a double copper crimped 900lb Rosco swivel on the
other end.
To use this leader, slip an included coastlock snap swivel on
your main line for the weight or sand anchor then either tie
or crimp your main line to the Rosco swivel. This will allow the
shark to pick up the bait and run with it as long as necessary
without feeling the weight on the line.
*This leader is made to be deployed by kayak or means
other than casting.

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