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Riptide Float Rig

Riptide Float Rig

SKU: 63016

This setup is designed with the float keeping the bait at a strategic depth in the water column while the strong components of the rig ensure durability and strength to handle a shark's bite and fight.  Use with a breakaway style weight, i.e., sandbag, cinder block or rock.  It is also a good rig to use when fishing around structure or rocks on the ocean floor.


  • 60' of 600lb black mono
  • 8' of 600lb black vinyl coated cable
  • 16/0 Mustad Demon 3x strong inline circle hook
  • 6/0 and 8/0 Rosco swivels
  • 9" float


*Designed to be depoyed by kayak or means other an casting.  Additionally, be aware of any boat traffic as it could result in a cut-off.

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